Garlicky Crock Pot Chicken


I forgot to take a photo of the cooked meat ... so here's what it looks like RAW !

So I'm not eating meat at the moment ... except for last night.
We had Thai Chicken Soup and I sooo ate it !!

This is a great recipe. Easy. Yummy. Well, I haven't tasted it but my family liked it !
They ARE eating meat.

So ... you need a bunch of garlic, chicken legs and fresh rosemary. Throw the whole cloves of garlic into the crock pot. Skin and all. I used heaps. Like two heads of garlic. Chuck a bunch of rosemary on top. Salt. Pepper. And then add a tiny bit of chicken stock. Not too much. I think I might have added like 1/3 cup. Maybe even less. Cook on low 8 hours. The meat just falls off the bones. Seriously, you can hardly get the cooked legs out of the pot in one piece !

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