Menu Plan Monday - Bonnie - 2 March 2009

I've started shopping on Sunday afternoons.
It's working well.
Except that it confuses me for Menu Plan Monday.
To save myself and my OCD from further frustration,
I'm going to start my MPM with Sunday's meal !!

Sunday :
Greek Salad with Marinated Radishes and Feta
This is so delicious.
I will share the recipe with you this week !
Those of you that are going into Spring will love it.
Those of you that are coming out of Summer will also love it.
It's crisp and refreshing.

Mediterranean Rice Salad
Khrista posted this recipe over a year ago and I've yet to try it !
Can't wait !!!

I'll be making a Spaghetti Bolognaise in the crock pot.
I'll be making it up using various leftover sauces and what not in my fridge.

Israeli Cous Cous and Feta Salad
I'm excited about this recipe.
I've never eaten Israeli Cous Cous before.
I found it in one of my favorite stores and just had to buy it !
I've since looked it up on line and it is a pasta similar to Orzo/Rissoni.

Another new recipe.
Garlic Lime Crock Pot Chicken
Just the name makes me salivate ...

Grace's Korean Pork Rice

I'm hoping we'll have some leftovers.
Otherwise, I've got some sausages in the freezer that we could BBQ.

If you're interested in some great menu plans, recipes and resources, make sure to stop by


Amy said...

Ooohhhhh that greek salad just makes me weak in the knees just looking at it! Gonna have to try that... yumo!!

Rheba said...

The Garlic Lime Crock Pot Chicken sounds great. I'll have to try that next week. Thanks for sharing!

Kristen said...

Your blog is fabulous - everyone of these dishes sound delicious!