My Menu - Bonnie - 7 February 2011


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Meat Lovers Pizza
(bacon, peperoni, red onion on a tomato base topped with mozarella)

Funky Lime Pizza


Veggie Pizza

Experimental Buffalo Boneless Chicken Pizza ... IT WAS AMAZING !
(recipe coming soon)

Spaghetti Bolognaise ... out of the freezer !

Going to a party.
I'm taking soft pretzels ...


green salad
sour dough bread

either burgers with the neighbors
or sushi with friends to celebrate a happy birthday

unplanned so far

Alia's baking for this week ...

On the first day of school, the teacher explained that the kids have a behavioral chart ~ a bee hive with bees ~ each bee has one of the kids names on it. If they behave, the bee stays in the hive. If their bee stays in the hive from Monday - Thursday, they had the choice of a piece of candy or a sticker. I signed a note saying I did not want Alia to have the candy. Then I told Alia that each Thursday when she brought her sticker home, I'd let her choose something to bake and we'd bake it on the weekend. The first week she made Cinnamon Sugar Donut Muffins.

This week she made these little chocolate fairy cakes.
They were delicious. I'll post the recipe soon.

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andrafaye said...

Looks good Bonnie!
Do you like bleu cheese? If you do I found a recipe online while I was browsing food blogs and found this. worth a try if you like the bleu!