Pumpkin Salad

Whipped this little beauty up for dinner tonight.

Whole little potatoes onto a baking sheet, covered in olive oil ... on a hot oven (200 C) ... I think they took about an hour to bake. When they came out of the oven, I sprinkled with a chunky salt.

Chopped up some pumpkin, cooked it coated in olive oil in the other half of the baking tray I used to make the roasted cauliflower. Took about 45 minutes ... in the same oven as the potatoes. I turned it down to about 180 when I put the pumpkin/cauliflower in.

The salad was spinach, rocket, pine nuts, avocado, feta cheese, & red onion. Then the pumpkin. Then some nice balsamic vinegar. And then some crunchy fried noodles.

Easy peasy. Done. Delicious.

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andrafaye said...

This is my kind of meal. Looks fantastic.