Bex and Liz Eat Stuff: a Menu Plan

Week 2 of Getting Back On Track nearly got derailed by my lack of being-home-ness, but I have conquered!! I think we've stumbled upon a system that will work for us.  It hasn't been easy at all because we have so many constraints.  For one, our food needs to be kosher (for me) and healthy (us), but we also need a little freedom to eat things that are fatty and delicious. Besides all that, we need food that fits into our crazy schedules easily. The opportune word there is EASILY, because if it's not, then it doesn't work and we just end up eating out.  No bueno!

Basically, the system is thus: Crockpot Mondays, Super Healthy Tuesdays, Bex Cooks Wednesdays, Fat Thursdays, Shabbat!  Because we were out of town this weekend, we're flip-flopping the crock pot and Becky meal.  We're trying out several new recipes this week and I pretty excited!

[Bex Cooks] Monday:
Grilled Cheese
Tomato Soup
Seasoned Green Beans
(I have GOT to get this recipe posted. I invented these and the are yummers)

[Super Healthy] Tuesday:
Shoyu Chicken
Luau Rice

[Crockpot] Wednesday:
Moroccan Stew with winter veggies

[Fat] Thursday:
Pasta Alfredo
Sliced Tomatoes

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