Menu Plan Monday!

This week's menu is fairly basic. We've got a lot going on, and I just wanted some easy, yummy, fresh meals. My other goal was to eat a lot of veggies! Summer=fresh veg. Plus, I went shopping for clothes last week, and every time I do that, I renew my committment to eat healthier...
Steak fajitas
I got some beautiful bell peppers and a ripe avocado
We're going to watch my cousin throw out the first pitch
at a Rockies' game! Let's hope heckling burns enough calories to
offset the dearth o' veggies and surplus of nacho cheese.
Shrimp Stir Fry
Back to the healthy! I went a little nuts at the farmer's market
and got a ton of yummies like baby bok choy, snow peas,
peppers, zuchinnis...WOOT! I can't wait!
Vegetarian Curry
Bex thinks she doesn't like cauliflower, but she is wrong.
At least, I hope she will reconsider her position in light of this
lovely curry.
Pasta Alioli
Dilled cucumbers
Sliced Tomatoes

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