Oeufs Poches


you are my

friend on facebook

this won't be news to you

but ...

yesterday i ate

my first ever poached egg

i love eggs ~ i hate runny yolk ~ always have ~

but yesterday the part of me that loves trying new things was

stronger than my life long hatred of runny yolks

so i tried it and get this ~ i liked it

runny yolk and all


this is not the poached egg i ate.

the one i ate was not what one would call pretty.

this one is better ... but i took the photo on my cell phone

(and then made it look like an oil painting to try and hide the poor shot ~ didn't work !)

this is the egg that rory ate ~ after craig the poached egg chef ~ had a couple practice runs.


i'm sure it won't surprise any of you

that since i've discovered i like eggs this way

i'm going to have to learn how to make them myself !!

and i'm going to have a go at hollandaise sauce

it's a good thing i recently bought myself

" mastering the art of french cooking "

i just had to


watching julie and julia

(and after finding the boxed set on sale at target !)


i also bought the movie

i don't usually buy movies ~ i'm happy watching

something once and then never seeing it again ~ but over the easter

weekend i went to rent this to watch with my sister in law and decided i'd better

just buy it as it's one i already know i'll watch again and again


speaking of the easter weekend, i meant to tell you all about how we went staying unprocessed. for the most part we did ok. we had decided in advance that we'd make a few exceptions. we were celebrating my birthday and we had loads of family at our place for many days and couldn't expect everyone to eat like us.

(some highly processed foods we enjoyed for my birthday dinner !)

but we didn't do too bad. it's interesting though. rory and i both got really sore stomachs one night after eating a few pieces of raisin toast. we think it was the white flour just sitting in our guts. gross. not the raisin toast. we loved every bite of that. the tummy ache wasn't worth it to me to do again though. i didn't have one piece of chocolate. but that's no temptation for me. the pavolova on the other hand ~ i had it two days in a row. the second day i got a headache. one that i had to go to bed to get rid of ! weird eh ? i find it so interesting to see what happens when we eat these things that we haven't been eating~ it makes me wonder what happens in our bodies when we eat them regularly.

(this was last years ... i didn't take the camera this year)

i never did get around to posting the rest of this weeks menu ~ mainly because i didn't ever plan it ! we've just been eating easter weekend leftovers, and meals we've previously cooked and froze. the kids and i had fish and chips on the beach with a friend one night and last night we had ~ excuse the drool ~ sashimi at one of our favorite restaurants. we haven't been there since my birthday last year !!


i didn't mean for this to turn into a book

sheesh !

i will finish here

i did try out the new tagine this past week

delish !

photos and recipe coming soon !!

but enough for today !

bye !!


Sabba and Nanny said...

I like poached eggs. The sashimi looks delicious!

Jill M. said...

I have never had a poached egg. Maybe it's time to find which box has my Julia Child cookbook and give it a whirl.

Kath said...

I have never poached eggs directly into the hot water, but I have that triagle pan insert that I used to poach eggs in for you kids sometimes. I think they are delicious that way! I always cooked them for you till the yolks were done, never thought runny yolks was part of the definition of poached, I thought it was the cooking in the water (or steam in the case of the ones I did). And I was not impressed with the taste of hollandaise sauce enough to repeat the work intensive task of preparing it after I tried it once, a dab of butter on the top of a poached egg is delicious enough for me! I just need to see that movie, though!!!!!

Bonnie said...

Ah ... so, I have eaten a poached egg ... just not with a runny yolk ? Probably why it was not in my memory bank !!

You haven't seen Julie and Julia ??? YOU NEED TO WATCH IT !!! Come on over ... I've got a copy ! :)

Kath said...

Do you not remember that triangle shaped thing with the little legs that I could put in an inch of water in a sauce pan, break the eggs into the 3 little cups in it, cover it and cook them that way? They came out perfectly round and quite pretty! It was one of my "keep breakfast varied" selections.

Bonnie said...

Nope. Which is strange because I love (and remember) lots of your kitchen toys ! Do you still have one ?

Kath said...

It still lives in the cookie sheet/muffin pan drawer! I don't use it much now because I normally make way more than 3 eggs at a time, but now and again I'll fix one or 2 for myself. Wonder if I can find a photo of one on line.....

Kath said...

Yes, I can! Here is where you can go to see it!


Bonnie said...

so ... i would have looked in that in your drawer and wondered when you would ever only make three muffins !! it looks like a small muffin pan to me !! hilarious !! well ... i'm going to try making poached eggs in water ... if that fails, i may have to purchase one of these small muffin pans !! :)

Khrista said...

LOVE that movie! Not a fan of runny eggs either, except with my grits. ;)