Whole Wheat Flour Tortillas ~ Video Tutorial

Over the weekend, I made a huge batch of whole wheat flour tortillas and froze them ! I cannot wait to try them out of the freezer. I have high hopes that they will be WONDERFUL and make my unprocessed life much easier !! Having a supply of tortillas ready and waiting to be used .... bliss !

I did have a few issues with the dough. Turns out I had made a typo in the recipe when I posted it here and had been adding twice as much water as I should have been ! The cool thing though is that this is a very forgiving recipe and I was able to just add more flour ... knead it a bit and still make the tortillas !

(Ready to go into the freezer)

I took this little video while I was making them to show you how simple it is ! It takes a little bit of time to make as many as I made but they should last us a good while before I need to do it again !!


Kath said...

Brown as they are from the whole wheat flour these remind me of Indian chapatis! Yummy in either culture!

Amy said...

Beautiful job, Bon! Thankyou for the tutorial! I am making your recipe tonite or tomorrow! Yay! thankyou chicka ';)

Pammy said...

I thought of chapatis first too! Glad I had already read that they were tortillas. :-) It was a lovely tutorial. AK and I might have to try making these some time!

Shirley said...

These look good. What do you have around your rolling pin?