Icy Poles ~ Peach, Nectarine and Apricot

What kid doesn't like Icy Poles ? Popsicles ? Ice Blocks ? Whatever you want to call them ...

My two love 'em.

And I don't mind them having them ... when I make them at home.

These ones were a bit of accidental discovery made in an attempt not to waste food.

I bought a box of seasonal fruit that included peaches, nectarines and apricots.

It's the end of the stone fruit season and they weren't all that great.

Some were not ripe. Some were over ripe.

Not one of the appealed to my eye ... or my appetite.

So ... I just chopped 'em up (skin and all), threw 'em in a pot of water and boiled away.

Then I took that whole pot, poured it (water too) into my blender.

(almost burned myself to death because the blender was too full ... be careful of that !)

Blended 'til smooth.

And then poured into our icy pole molds.

I had heaps of the mixture left over though

so I put a couple inches of the mixture into plastic cups, added half a straw,

covered with press and seal and froze those.

A couple minutes soak in hot water when ready to eat and they slip right out of the cup !

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