Wings Wings Glorious Wings

It's a crime, really, but Australian's don't do Hot Wings. At least ... not that I've seen. And certainly not like we Yanks do ! So ... I have to make them myself. I have made the hot ones before but this time I also tried to recreate the Parmesan Wings that the kids liked when we were last in Colorado.

I've been told that Franks is the best sauce to use for the Hot Wings but I can't buy that here so I use tabasco.

As for the photos ... let's just ignore the way the wings look and focus on how they tasted which was GREAT !!

So ... I chopped up the wings ... you know, separating the wing and the little leg bit and cutting of the tips of the wings. Good thing I have a big meat cleaver now ! After that, I laid them all on a lined baking sheet, sprayed them with olive oil and then put them into a HOT (between 450 and 500 F) oven for 25ish minutes.

Then I tossed the wings in the bowls with the sauces to coat ...


Now ... for the sauces.


4 TBLS butter
2 - 3 TBLS hot sauce
1 TBLS white vinegar

Heat in saucepan to melt butter and combine ingredients.


Butter ... I didn't measure because I was only doing it for 6 wings (for the kids)
Garlic Powder
Parmesan Cheese

Melt butter in microwave. Mix in other ingredients to taste ...

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