Freezer Organization

So, the other day I saw this article in Better Homes and Gardens about organizing your freezer, and I totally wanted to do it.

As luck would have it, we were given a stand-up freezer a couple weeks ago. So, this weekend I went to work. I cleaned the garage, moved the freezer.. plugged it in and got it freezing things... then today, I organized:

Everything is labeled and in it's proper place. I found that I couldn't stick my labels to the metal, so some sections have standing signs like this:

The plastic baskets are great. It keeps things where they belong, and when you need peas.. or something else.. you take out the veggie basket, close the freezer door and search for the peas. You save energy, and don't get frostbite looking for peas.

Things in the door are labeled with clips holding the label in place. I'm so excited to know what I have in my freezer. And then use it.

If you look at the BHG picture at the top, you can see that they have soups in their freezer. They freeze them flat in ziploc bags and then stand them up in a basket once they're frozen. Brilliant. I tried to find the article online to link it, but couldn't. I have a ton of new ideas for the freezer... we'll see if any more of them make it to the garage.


Bonnie said...

ELLIE !!!!! This is amazing ! Oh my goodness ... an organizing post on the food blog ! I love it !! Seriously, I think I might be hyperventilating. Gotta go get a brown paper bag. ha ha. I'm ok. But yeah. I clicked on the pictures to make them HUGE and then I looked at each one so I could see exactly what you did and I am so impressed ! I love it. I wish I had a freezer like that. One day ! I must say ... you guys have a lot of meat in your freezer !! Do you always or has Ryan been hunting recently ? I have four chicken breasts in my freezer. That's it. Of course, we don't eat much meat. Probably once a week. Maybe twice. But sometimes none. I like the soup idea too. I'm planning to try that but we are going into summer so ... come fall, I'll give it a go. I've seen it done with spaghetti sauce too ... will probably try that before the soup. Anyway ... this comment is now probably longer than your post ... just minus the photos but you know, I'm excited and when I'm excited, I talk ... even if it's through my fingers on a keyboard !!!

Khrista said...

Very cool! I freeze my soups like that! :) I just pulled out some lentil soup for tomorrow as a matter of fact.
And I agree, that is a LOT of meat. But we never have meat in ours these days, so any is a lot to us! ha! :)

andrafaye said...

I HAVE TO COME OVER AND LOOK IN YOUR FREEZER!! (You could make a bin that says "Sausage"...if we can ever manage to get together!! It's a we really live in the same town?! Well...technically we do not...)

Mari said...

It looks great! I just told me daughter last night that I need to clean out my freezer. This is great incentive!

Marie said...

Hi! I was looking for the same article. First I came across your page then the following ones: I found this- , here-

Hope this helps you and thanks for the info!!

Michelle Linhoff said...

Thank You SO much! I saw this article way back when it was published some 2 years ago! And I'm finally getting around to organize my freezer now....thanks to your photo. I searched the web for the photo...thanks for posting it!
I found some adorable blank bright-colored shaped note-cards from TJ Max (25 for $4.99). I'm using for labels and will have them laminated. You are awesome-thanks doll!