broiled tomatoes

Edited 9 March 2009 by Bonnie to add photo ...

Last night I served these tomatoes with the asparagus alfredo. They are also quick and very yummy.

round tomatoes-, about 2" in diameter
mayonaise-about 1T per tomato
dry parmesan cheese (the shaker kind you buy in the pasta aisle)-about 1T per tomato

1. Cut tomatoes in half (through the middle, not top to bottom) and place on a broiler pan
2. Stir mayonaise and parmesan cheese together. (If it is not a very thick paste, add a bit more cheese--it should be the consistency of cream cheese frosting.)
3. Spread evenly and to the edges of all the tomato faces. It is usually about a 1/4" coating. Don't skimp on it!
4. Place under the broiler, broil about 2 minutes till it suddenly turns a lovely golden brown.
5. Serve and listen to the raves!


Sabba and Nanny said...

Quick, easy, and tasty. (Yes, I'm raving!)

Bonnie said...

Oh yum ... can't wait to try these ! With the asparagus spaghetti !!!

Bonnie said...

Mom ... I made these last night !! YUMMO ... and I added a photo !!

cKc--aka Kathy said...

Thanks! Your picture shows them the perfect brown color--good job!....and isn't it delicious what a little broiling does to the tomatoes as well as the obviously amazing topping?!