What's for Lunch ?

I just love my new bento lunch boxes ! They are so handy ! And just perfect for leftovers ! And look how well it fits in my fancy beer world bag ! You know, the green bags you get to put a six pack in ? I saw it in the grocery store and thought it looked handy ... and what do you know ? It was $1.50 well spent !!


And it's classy...


Really ?

Not classy ?

Ok ... we'll stick with handy !


And in my classy handy beer world bag, I can fit other things. Like cutlery, a drink, fruit, etc ...

I love how the bits and pieces come out. So, if I want to heat a bit up, I can just pull it out and heat it up ...


In this bento we've got Lamb Skewers and Mango Chutney leftovers.
Dried Apricots.
Annie's Honey Muesli Slice

Have you tried the Lamb Skewers yet ?
Come on people !
What are you waiting for ?

I've already made it again !!


Khrista said...

That is a very handy bag! And I know with all your craftiness you could cover the logo with something really cool if you wanted to! :) Love the bento boxes! I wish I could find some of those here!

Jill M. said...

it's classy from the top view...!

Gina said...

I love the logo Bon! It is sooo you ... what do they think of it at Goodlife? Does Rory have his own for work?