Budget Success, Health and Bento Boxes !!


I am so excited about my grocery budget ...
read why at my Simple Beauty blog ... go on, I'll wait 'til you get back.

Isn't that cool ??

Another one of our goals for this year is to eat healthy.
We do pretty well already but we want to do better.

I read this book a couple of years ago and found it to be full of lots of really good info. I also subscribe to Dr. Furhman's blog ... it is packed full of lots of good stuff. Recipes too. His website is good too although I think you have to become a member to see some things ... I haven't done that. This section gives you a good synopsis of the book, if you are interested.

So ... the food pyramid below is from his book ... or site ... I don't remember now where I found it. But ... it's how we are trying to eat this year. Lots of fruits, veggies, legumes ... well, look at the pyramid, you'll see.

It makes sense ... eating the food that gives you the most nutrition per calorie ... You don't fill up as fast so you eat more which gives you more nutrition. As opposed to eating the high calorie, low nutritional value foods that fill you up quick and don't give you the nutrients you need ...

As you would have read in my other post that you went to and read before ... right ? You went there, didn't you ? Alright ... go there now. I'll wait. AGAIN.

You back ?

So, you read about how we want to reduce waste. Reduce it to none at all.

One of our strategies is to eat dinner leftovers for lunches. All of us. Kids too. For ages, I've been wanting to get some bento lunch boxes. To make lunches like these or these or these ... But, the boxes are not cheap, so I've not bought them.

Well ...


At the grocery store !! 50% off ! For $3.25 each. The perfect little bento boxes !! I bought one for each of us and we've used them almost every day since !!


I just love them. Watch for them as I continue my "What's For Lunch ?" series ...

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