Tasty Toasted Treats


The Cast of Characters:

Lavash Bread
(or your favorite wrap)
cheese - thinly sliced (or grated)
tomato - sliced
baby spinach
lime pickle
sandwich press

Scene One :

Layer wrap with desired filling
(this particular one was for the kids so I used BBQ sauce instead of lime pickle)

Scene Two :

Roll and put in sandwich press to toast.

The Finale :

Put onto plate.
Cut in half.
Put into mouth.

Say "yum" or similar expression of culinary pleasure.

These are the one I made for the kids. They love these.

And this is mine ...
Rory wasn't home. I did this for us during the day while Jono was home for a week of school holidays.

This lime pickle is the secret ingredient. SOOOOOO YUMMY !
It's a bit on the spicy side but it's a nice compliment to all the other flavors !!

I think I have everything in the pantry/fridge to make this for lunch today. Makes me hungry thinking about it !!!


joanne at frutto della passione said...

I love anything in a wrap!!!

Beth said...

Lime pickle? Sounds delicious. Where might I find some?

Bonnie said...

The green "lime pickle" word is linked to amazon.com Don't know if you can buy this at normal grocery stores in the states ... maybe at an asian shop. or maybe from Amazon.

Stacy said...

Yum! I need a sandwich press. I wonder if our little George Foreman grill would work in a pinch. Must try out! Oh, and I've never seen lime pickle here. Bummer.