Menu Plan Monday - Bonnie - Edition 11

Ok people this is going to be quick. I had hoped to be able to spend some time blogging today but it just didn't happen that way !! So, what's on the menu this week ???

We had friends over for dinner.
We BBQ'd hamburgers.
I made Tuna Mac ( recipe will be posted later in the week on Simple Beauty blog)
and this potato salad.

I made this up.
It's a Chimichanga Casserole.
I'll be posting the recipe later in the week.

I did a roast chook in the rotisserie.

We had an easy chicken casserole. Recipe to follow later in the week.
(and possibly a recipe for a crock pot chicken stock)
I've got it cooking in my BRAND NEW slow cooker, I'll post a recipe if it's good.

Tuesday :
Spaghetti out of the freezer, probably.

Wednesday :
Might do egg curry again. Made it last week and Jono reckons it's his second favorite meal !
Recipe ... you guessed it ... to follow later in the week !!
I'll post this one to my Simple Beauty blog as well ... not overly "healthy" !!

Thursday :
Two Minute Noodles

** Edited later because I forgot to send you over to Org Junkie's place for more ideas !!**

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Sandra said...

This all sounds SO good.

And a NEW SLOW COOKER, tell me all about it I want to know :)