Menu Plan Monday - Khrista - Edition 5

Vietnamese Vermicelli recipe can be found *HERE* (I chose not to post the recipe here as it is not the healthiest meal due to the amount of sodium.)
Mexican Chicken Soup can be found *HERE*
Kung Pao Chicken is *HERE* (I'll post a picture Thursday!)
I'll let you all know how the pork chops turn out.
I will post the Mediterranean Rice Salad next.


The Edwards said...

GREAT menu for this week! Just love your blog...

Sandra said...

I feel like a dork, I had NO idea you had this blog LOL So I've been missing out not only the recipes but your Menu Plan Monday's.

And I confess, I saw you commenting on other MPM participants and saying your menu was up and I went to your main blog looking and couldn't find it LOL

Great menu Bonnie :)