Garlic Chive Flower Vinegar

I have been wanting to try making this for a long time but just never have. 
Well, the garlic chives have been blooming in our garden like crazy so today was the day !!

It was so easy and it smells so good ! 
I'm not sure how long it will need to 'steep' but I'm going to taste it in a week and see how it's going ! 
I can't wait to try it ...

Here's how you make it.
Get some garlic chive flowers ... out of your garden, or a friends garden, is good.

Take pretty pictures of them.

Find a glass jar ...

Take some more pretty pictures.

Pop the flowers into the jar ...

Add apple cider vinegar vinegar.

Take out into the garden and take more pretty pictures.

Smile about how clever you are.

And that's it.
Easy !


Tessa said...

I love these herbed vinegars. I'll bring my herb book next visit and you can try some others. You'll love the variations.
Such a clever girl.

Kath said...

Clever indeed!