Icy Poles

So ... it's summer here and I'm always looking for ways to do things healthier.
Well ... ice cream is not so healthy but it's so refreshing in summer.
So ... I went out and bought us some icy pole holders and I
have started experimenting with making different
frozen yogurts ... with some level of success !

These first ones were mixed frozen berries and greek yoghurt. They were ok. The second ones were fresh mango, greek yoghurt and a bit of orange/mango juice. They were the best ones. I did them again but added more juice ... didn't like that as well. But ... still, they were good ! Then yesterday I did fresh strawberry, mango, banana and greek yogurt ... with a dash of pomegranate/cherry juice. They were delish but the plain mango ones are still the favorite !! The beauty of it is that there are so many combos to be made up and you don't need any sort of recipe, you can just make them up ! The kids love 'em. We love 'em. They are refreshing. And healthy. Mission Accomplished !!

PS ... I just put everything in the blender and then pour it into the holders ... Easy !!!


Mrs. Wallace said...

YUM! Can I come over and have one? As long as you leave the bananas out :-)

Bonnie said...

Of course you can !
I thought you didn't mind banana flavor ... just banana texture !

Mrs. Wallace said...

I like banana bread...otherwise, I'm not a huge fan of the flavor.

Liz M. said...

icy poles? you crazy aussies and your crazy aussie words!