What We Ate ~ Week 21 ~ 2012

Chicken Cooked on the BBQ
Salad ... Cos, Rocket and snow peas from the garden, tomatoes, carrots, and pomegranate.

We had garlic, funky lime and buffalo chicken.

Two minute noodles.
Don't judge me.

Garlic prawns.
Garlic bread.

Roast Veg.  Potato, Onion, Carrot, Pumpkin, Garlic and Leek.
Topped with feta.  So yum.
I'll post this recipe.

I'm going to post this recipe for you this week.

This week was a bit harder on the savings.  Rory was here for the first two nights and so we bought stuff to make that special.  I did pretty well cooking out of the pantry/freezer for the rest of the week until Saturday when we had a friend over and made gnocchi.  BUT .... having said that, I didn't spend the entirety of our weekly budget so I'm happy.  I did spend way to much to list out the individual things I purchased so I'll just tell you what I saved ... $114.45 ... adding that onto the first two weeks and I've saved $606.25 total.  One more week to go ... not sure if I'll make it.  It's pretty hard with my husband being away.  A lot harder than I thought it would be.  I may not add to the pressure of that by keeping the challenge going, but we'll see ... I'll let you know next week ! :)

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