What We Ate ~ Week 20 ~ 2012


But I did it a bit different.  I didn't add the noodles.
I just did almonds, cashews, and sesame seeds.
Still gave me the crunch I was after ......

Kids talked me into store bought (NASTY) pizza ...

I was going to do spanikopita meatballs but then decided to just do the meat and then in the end make it into a greek fried rice. I just did garlic, onion, chicken mince, greek seasoning, squeezed in a bit of lemon, added cooked rice and some soy sauce. Oh ... and two eggs. It was yum. We topped it with tzatsiki ...

Rory got home Thursday night ! He requested macaroni and cheese ! No way am I going to deny this man who has eaten 'lunch room' food for the past ten days a good home cooked meal ! So ... I shopped ! And I'll be shopping for three more dinners before he has to go back out to no mans land for another 10 days ! And then the kids and I will start eating out of the freezer, pantry again !

Went to friends place for dinner ... we had Raclette. So yum !  We bought some stuff to contribute but I don't have the itemized receipt so I'll just put the total amount in my calculations down below.

We had Indian for dinner with our friends who live next door.  
We ordered it from our favorite Indian restaurant up the hill.

What I had to buy this week: 
(and how much I spent)

Cinnamon ... $1.26
Pistachio's ... $7.98
Turkish Bread Rolls ... $5.55
Onions ... $1.89
Apples ... $ 1.79
Potatoes, 2kg ... $4.98
Sushi Rice ... $2.90
Gross Take Away Pizza ... $15.40
Cream of Mushroom Soup, 2 cans ... $3.72
Milk, 1L ... $1.99
Tasty Cheese, 1 kg ... $ 6.99
Kale, Bunch ... $4.48
Pasta Shells, 750g ... $2.99
Rice Crackers, 2 packs ... $4.00
Raclette stuff ... 2 french sticks, prawns, block of colby, block of gouda ... $24.17
Indian dinner ... $50.00

And the Sushi from last week's post but this week's budget ... I remembered that my parents and Rory's parents sent me birthday money that I have not yet spent.  I have decided that the Sushi Dinner and hot chocolates will be my birthday present to myself from them, so I will not take those two things out of the grocery budget this week after all !

Total .... $140.09

  $350.00 weekly budget
- $140.09 total spent this week

$ 209.91     saved this week !   

Yep, I'm totally stoked with this !!

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