What We Ate ~ Weeks 13 & 14 ~ 2012

I missed last week.  Not because I wanted to but because we were on a little mini vacation and I didn't have access to a computer ... So, here you go ... two weeks at once.

Chicken Enchiladas
I'll post the recipe this week.

This was a throw together meal. We had some leftover bacon and cream that I had bought to make a ganash but didn't end up making ! ( I had prepared for a dinner party A WEEK EARLY !! oops )  I just cooked up the bacon with some onion and garlic, a few mushrooms too.  Added the cream at the end, cooked it til it thickened a bit then poured all of that over the cooked pasta.  Rollini, this is.  We like it.  Bit of fresh parmesan cheese on top and you're done !

Leftover sushi and two minute noodles ...

Take away Indian dinner with our neighbors before we both headed off for vacation.

Tonkatsu Miso Ramen ... at our favorite Noodle Shop

Forgot to take a photo this night ... we had fish and chips at the dock !

Dinner out. This was a BBQ Ranch Chicken Sandwich. I'm pretty sure they forgot the ranch ...

A Taste of North Indian. Delicious ! My favorite was the mango chicken ...

Subway ... My standard order ... turkey, avocado, bacon (extra crispy please !), lettuce, tomatoes, black olives and extra pickles.  White bread (only at Subway !).  Mayo and Chipotle Southwest sauce.

Third time in two week ... Black Olive Salad ! Chicken on the Grill. Spicy Potatoes.

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