What We Ate ~ Week 11 ~ 2012

I have no idea what we ate Sunday night.
I do not have a photo on my phone and my brain cannot recall a week ago !!

Slow Roasted Pasta Sauce with Meat This was delicious !

Non-Meatball Greek Chicken An experiment. A successful one.

Sandwich night. 
Mine was ham, provolone, dill pickle, seed mustard, mayo and avocado. 
 Toasted. So yum !

Thursday night was crazy. My work place flooded ! Dinner ended up being eaten standing at the counter eating food that the caterer didn't want to go to waste after her event had been cancelled due to the flood ! Alia and I brought some of that home for the boys and stopped for hot chips to go with it on the way home. No photo though. I was too pooped to even think about that !

I was at a training course over the weekend with a big international flair. This was dinner one night. African food. Greens. Pap (Maize). Boerewors. Chicken in a tomato type sauce. It was all delicious. My favorite bit was the greens !!

I believe this is a Nepali dish but I didn't catch the name of it. It was a beef stew sort of thing.

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