Rory made tempura cod last night. It was delicious ! Following the instructions on the back of the bag, he did it like this ...

4 pieces of cod
125g tempura batter mix
180ml cold water

Whisk the water and batter mix together. Do not over mix (it's ok to have a few lumps). Coat the fish and shallow fry in hot oil until golden brown and fish is cooked through. (ours took about 15 minutes, cooking all four pieces together in the same cast iron fry pan)

We had leftover batter too so Rory chopped up a zucchini and did them as well. They were super yum !

We squeezed fresh lemon juice onto the fish and served with tartar sauce.

Also pictured: Sesame Asparagus and Basil Zucchini Mini Muffins

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