such a {slack}er


I've been cooking up some amazingly yummy dishes these past few weeks. I am so going to share but between me, Jono and Alia being sick, school holidays being on, birthdays, parties, art exhibits, weddings, and LIFE in general, I just haven't been able to post.

I did get a menu planned this week. I'll try to post it tomorrow and hopefully get back on track with posting recipes.

I've got a prosciutto pizza ready to go into the oven now. Should be ready just in time for Rory to get home !! It's a new one. I have no doubt that it will be good. Seriously, how can you go wrong with homemade dough, basil, prosciutto, kalamatas ... oh man, I'm salivating ! HURRY UP RORY !!!

Can anyone tell me what is in the photo ? Rory and Alia made them last week. It was so hard, I'm quite certain they won't be making them again any time soon !


Kath said...

With nothing to give me a size frame of reference, my first guess was chocolate, pecan, coconut covered marshmallows. How was your pizza?

andrafaye said...

I don't know but it looks pretty delicious and worth their effort!

Miss Muffin said...

Just discovered this blog (am following your Simple Beauty blog) and am browsing through it ...
In the photo it looks like lamingtons! Are they? If yes, would you share the recipe one day? I loved them when I was in Australia and made them for the first time this year myself. I also posted about it in my blog. They did not turn out too bad ... but would be willing to try another recipe ... maybe I can improve them ... :-)