Growing Coriander

So ... I had a great crop of Fresh Coriander (Cilantro) this year.
And I'm about to have it again !
And my plan is to keep planting it so that I have a continuous crop !

Once it went to flower, I just let it go wild !
It grew and grew.
Amazing !


When the seeds turned brown,
I pulled the plants out of the ground,
put a big garbage bag over the top
of the plant and hung it
on my patio.


Once they had dried out
~ maybe a week or two later ~
I took them down and gathered
all the seeds.


I have plenty to plant
repeated plantings from here until
forever, I think !


When I was finished, there were heaps
all over the ground too.
I swept them into
a dustpan and
threw them
an open
spot in our
garden bed. I noticed today
that they have sprouted and so we are well on our
way to having more yummy fresh coriander at our fingertips !


Easy to grow.
Just don't disturb the roots.
That's what I've learned ... the hard way !


Kath said...

I'm pretty sure I have a jar of coarsely ground coriander seeds on my spice go round...looks like you could go into business with all your seeds! Or at least give everyone on your Christmas list a jar! I'm back at work today, but over the weekend I'll try to find them and get someone to post a photo if you want.

Elizabeth said...

Wow. I feel like a city rube, but I had no idea one could do that. I mean, I knew that coriander and cilantro were the same, but the way that thing looks is just beautiful! Thanks for the info...