Grilled Steak

Best Grill Steak Recipe a la Uncle Jim

Step 1:
Look for sale on Rib-eye steak at Safeway

Step 2:
Buy steak and freeze

Step 3:
Wait for blizzard


Step 4:
Have wife and niece shovel path to bbq


Step 5:
Put on bbqing clothes
(ie: shorts, t-shirt, and sandals)


Step 6:
Thaw froze Rib-eye

Step 7:
Remove snow from bbq utensils

Step 8:
Carefully remove plastic from steak packages

Step 9:
Place steak on hot grill

Step 10:
Flip steaks

Step 11:
Remove steaks from grill

Step 12:
Serve and Enjoy!


andrafaye said...

ha ha love this.
definitely gonna have to try this one.

Anonymous said...

how can one family have so much fun?