Frutto della Passione

During the Ultimate Blog Party, I met Joanne. She visited me over at Simple Beauty. I had to go over and say hello back and I looooooved what I found at Frutto della Passione !! You can read all about her in her THIS IS ME section but I'll give you an intro ... she's a Canadian living in Italy who loves to cook ! (and eat, I dare say !)

Anyhoo ... todays post cracked me up ! You've got to go read it !! It's called Enough is Enough.

Go !
Now !
Read !


Anonymous said...

I am blushing to the roots of my highlighted hair! Thanks for the praise. Who knows, maybe I'll get the chance to cook for you someday!

Sandra said...

I'll have to go take a look at her blog, thanks for the info Bonnie :)