After reading this post, I decided to make Onigiri for lunch.


Want to know how to make it ?
It's easy.
One of my favorite ladies in the whole wide world, Ruth, taught me how to make these.
Years and years (and years!) ago in Japan.

Cook your rice. I use a rice cooker ...
I use short grain, but have also used medium in the past.
Short sticks together best.

Have a bowl of water and a salt shaker handy.
Wet hand, put salt on it, grab a palm full of rice and form into triangles.
See how I'm doing it in the photo above ?
Do you know how hard it was to take that photo !?!?!
Go tripod, go timer, go go !!

I left some of them plain.
Others I added toasted sesame seeds to the rice.
Put whatever you want in the middle.
I use kombu.
Or ... like I do for the kids, you could just wrap in seaweed and eat !

The finished product.

To store the leftovers :
Don't wrap in seaweed. Do that when you are ready to eat them.
Otherwise, the seaweed goes soggy !

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Sabba and Nanny said...

Great post, Bon. I have my mouth set for onigiri now. I'm going to try to get the wonderful cooks at our house to make some. It would be great for lunches....