Agnolotti with Sundried Tomato Tapenade


This is a fast throw together dinner that is super yummy !

I use the family pack that serves four of the Ricotta and Spinach Agnolotti.  Cook per package instructions.

As well, you'll need:
Cottage Cheese, 250g
Sundried Tomatoes, 150g
Black Olives, to taste (maybe a tablespoon ?)
Capers, also to taste (maybe a teaspoon or two ?)
Baby Spinach, 60g
Parmesan Cheese, to be grated on top

I used to be able to get a sundried tomato tapenade that made this even simpler, but I haven't been able to get that lately, so I make my own.  Doesn't take long.

I use a stick blender to blend the sundried tomatoes, olives and capers.  Just keep tasting it til it tastes yummy.  

Mix the tapenade and the cottage cheese.

Drain the pasta, put back in the pan and stir in the cottage cheese/tapenade mixture.  Throw in the spinach ... it will wilt.  Serve and top with Parmesan cheese. 

So easy. 

So yummy.

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Kath said...

I love this dish! You gave me this recipe ages ago....I had forgotten about it...thanks for the reprise!