Hot Sauce Popcorn

My nine year old son and I are addicted to this stuff.

I was craving buffalo boneless wings one afternoon.
I didn't have chicken defrosted, didn't really want to eat that much
but needed a snack and just couldn't get the hot sauce out of my mind !!!!!!

This is the result.
Super easy to make.

Pop some popcorn. However much you want.

Melt some butter, however much you would melt for the amount of popcorn you made.

Add hot sauce to taste. (I add about double the hot sauce to the amount of butter)

I use Franks Red Hot & I have a giant Costco bottle that we brought back with us this last trip !

I warm the hot sauce and butter in the microwave.

(or you could do it on the stove if you don't use a MW)

Pour it on top of the pop corn !

Seriously addictive !

1 comment:

Amy said...

Oooooh Bonnie.. I think I know what my next addiction is going to be.
I crazy hot wings ALL the time.. I have Frank's Hot Sauce in my fridge always..put it in anything I can!