Menu Plan Monday - Bonnie - 21 June 2010


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So, yeah ... never got back to put links in to last week's post ! Ha ha. I have, however, got most of the recipes I promised, done and scheduled to post throughout the week !! Be on the lookout for them ... there's some good ones ! And I have more to follow. We made homemade whole wheat pretzels yesterday. With a homemade havarti cheese sauce that was simple and delicious ! Today we are trying our hands at making corn nuts. The dried corn kernels have been soaking in water in the fridge for three days so this afternoon we will fry them ...

Tonight is Alia's night to cook but she helped me last night. And I think I'll have to change her night to Sunday and possibly Jono's to Friday or Saturday. Week nights are just hard. And there's a new exercise class starting tonight that I'm going to go to ... it would just make me feel rushed with her and I don't want that.

Last night she did hors d'ouvers. She picked the ingredients at the grocery store, and then prepared most of it on her own ! She served three types of crackers, three cheeses, ~ including the worlds best Camembert ( ! ) kabana, salami, two different olives, grape tomoates, spinach & parmesan dip w/cashews, and perrier to drink ! She did so well and was so proud of herself. I love that.

She and Jono are both developing a love of cooking ... they already had the love of eating ! ha ha. But it's neat to see them interesting in the preparation. We were watching Masterchef last night and two of the contestants got to spend time with Jamie Oliver ( um ... yeah ... I'D LOVE THAT !!! ) and in the intro, it said he (Jamie) has been cooking since he was EIGHT ! We're like "Jono ... you are eight now !! How cool is that ??" He was pretty chuffed about it !

Anyway ... enough blabbing !! ... here's the menu for this week ...

Since Alia 'cooked' last night,
we'll do the originally scheduled Black Bean Chili Soup tonight.


I'm going to pull one of the frozen spaghetti sauces (that I made last week)
out to thaw and all I will have to do is make the pasta and some sort of veggie ...


I am going to make tortilla espanola ... and take a new photo !
That one is shockin' !! I'll serve it with steak cobb salad ! Yum Yum !!


Crock Pot Baked Potato Soup
I can feel my belly warming already !!

Jono wants to make tacos. We'll make the tortillas.
And we're going to try this taco seasoning.
I'll post our taco recipe after we make them ... we'll be mostly making them up !!

I'm not sure that we will be home for dinner Saturday night.
But if we are ...we'll so something simple like grilled cheese or eggs on toast.

Alia wants to make quesadillas.
We'll have leftover tortillas from Jono's tacos on Friday so ~ perfect !
And we'll have chicken, cilantro rice, salsa, avocado all available to fill them.
And cheese too ... of course !!!
Can have a quesadilla without the queso !!

Well ... there you have it ! Another week of eatin' at our place !!

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Liz M. said...

Everything looks yummy!!

It's so cool that the fun size humans in your house are developing a love for cooking!! you are such a great mom.