Fruit Salad For Lunches

I remember, years ago, thinking that a friend of mine was brilliant because she made a fruit salad at the beginning of the week and she and her husband ate it all week long. I have finally started doing it from time to time. I'm not sure why I don't do it every week because I love it when I do !


Especially when there is such a wide variety of yummy yummy fruit available !!


I just chop it up when I'm making lunches on Sunday night, store it in a big tupperware and each night when I make lunches, I scoop it into our individual tupperwares for taking. One time I stored it in the individual tupperwares on the Sunday but it took up way too much room in the fridge ...

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Liz M. said...

I've started buying melons, cutting them up right when I get home, and putting them in serving size baggies so I can just grab a fruit out of the fridge whenever I need it!