Bex and Liz Eat Stuff...a menu plan

I'm very excited about this week's food. I hope Bex is too, since she was gone this weekend and I menu-planned without her!

French Omelet
Green Salad

Yogurt Chicken
Curried Chickpeas
Mango Lassi
(I'm trying out two new recipes from my Indian cookbook! Recipes to follow...)

Rockies Game
(I will be having nachos or some equally delicious non-food item at the ballpark!)

Steak Fajitas

BLT Salad
Garlic Mashed Potatoes (Julia Child's recipe!)



Bonnie said...

yum yum yum ! can't wait to see photos and recipes !! are you doing crock pot steak fajitas ? or a different kind I need to know about ? and the BLT salad ? Is that bacon lettuce and tomato only in a salad ? I'm interested in what this is !!

Liz M. said...

I had forgotten about the crock pot option! I was just going to doing regular fajitas, ie really thin slices cooked over super high heat. If I get really ambitious, I might try brining the meat. Or I might try out the crock pot! We'll see how it goes! And may I just say that spell check doesn't recognize brining as a word, it thinks I should be braining the meat! lol.

The BLT salad is an idea that is still evolving. I was just going to do BLTs, but I think the bread with the mashed potatoes is too much carbness. Once I get it together, I will take pictures and post!!