Menu Plan Monday - Bonnie - 30 November 2009

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Looks like I've missed two weeks of posting menus ! I didn't even realize ... Sheesh, time flies !! It has been a bit crazy busy around these parts though so I'm not really surprised ! I don't have a menu for this week. I'm working my way through our pantry and fridge/freezer again. And I'm getting ready for 2010 ... a year unprocessed ! I'm still working through the details but I'm wanting to try to go for a year feeding my family totally unprocessed. We eat pretty unprocessed already but I have been doing some reading, and thinking and there are still more things I want to eliminate from our diets totally. As well, I'm wanting to see what effect certain things have on our bodies and our energy levels and our outlook and ... I'll let you know when I get all my thoughts together !!

So ... last night we had leftover black bean chili soup.

Tonight we are going to have salad ... with pimiento's de padron and I'm going to try cooking Curried Millet with Brown Onions.

Tuesday will be something with beans.

Wednesday will be something using a whole grain ... anyone got any good amaranth recipes ?

Thursday will be a crock pot something ... I hope. I've got some pumpkin and potato ... maybe a soup ? It's not really soup weather, but it's what I've got !!

Friday will be time to shop again ...

But ... my plan is that Friday will be International Night. Saturday will be something with fish. And Sunday I will do a big cookup each week to get meals into the freezer.

I'm hoping that by having a theme each night .. ie salad, beans, whole grains, crock pot ... etc, it will make it easier for me to plan. Narrow down my search parameters. There are just so many choices !!!

Anyway ... I'm off to go sit with my pile of library books and work more on my 2010 plan !! If anyone has any good websites they can recommend ... unprocessed, raw, vegetarian ones are great for finding fresh wholesome recipes ... I've visited a lot but the web is a big place and recommendations are ALWAYS welcome !!


Jill M. said...

Holy cow! I made black bean chili tonight for dinner! great minds.

Bonnie said...

I think you mean Holy Black Bean ! There's no cow in this chili !! Ha Ha ... but yeah, great minds indeed ! I made mine last week ... literally, a week ago. We've just had the pot in the fridge and been eating on it day after day ! Finally finished it last night. BUMMER ! I'll have to make more next week !!

Talia said...

If you're doing the whole un-processed thing, you might be interested in this site:

It's not recipes, but the people who made all this work in our building. It's pretty interesting stuff- talking about health, and raw foods and vitamins and what not...!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see your plan. No processed food for a year??? I can't imagine. I can't wait to hear all the details. Tell them all!

Anonymous said...

no more Friday pizza night?

Bonnie said...

Well ... pizza falls into the International Catagory. But as cheese has become a 'very occasional' food in our family (for a month or so now) and will continue that way into our year unprocessed ... pizza is a bit tricky !! I'm going to have to experiment with some cheeseless pizzas. I'm also going to experiment with making yoghurt cheese and nut cheeses ...