Grace's Rice and Bonnie's Spring Rolls

My friend Grace made us some dinner last night.
This yummy Korean fried rice ...
I am going to have to learn how to make it because it was soooo good !
It's got Kimchee in it !
Grace is going to teach me how to make it !
I can't wait !!


Since I didn't have to cook the main dish last night, I decided to make spring rolls.
I used to make them a lot but haven't made them in years.

AND ... when Grace was here dropping off the rice,
I realized I hadn't bought any sweet and sour sauce.
We love our spring rolls with S & S sauce !
Anyway, Grace told me how to make it and
since I had all the ingredients in the house, I gave it a whirl.


Ok ... so here's the how to ...

You can really put whatever you like in your spring rolls. Mine are always different. Last night I used chinese cabbage, bean sprouts, shredded carrot, garlic, spring onion, and I think that is it. Cook up the ingredients in a fry pan. Just to soften and get the flavors going. Then rolls in the spring roll wrappers. I make a whole bunch at one time and freeze them for later. We usually fry them in our tamago pan.

For the sweet and sour sauce. Fry up some onion, add chunks of pineapple and some of the sauce. Add ketchup and a bit of rice vinegar. Grace said two parts ketchup to one part vinegar. It really is to taste. I just kept adding this and that 'til it tasted like I wanted it to. As you can see in the photo, mine was quite chunky. Lots of pineapple. It was really yummy !

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