Roast Veggies a la Bonnie

Roast veggies, this a something I've learned to do since I've been in Australia. I made this one the other night just as a side dish and it was SOOOOO GOOD !! And E-A-S-Y ! All I did was chop up asparagus, pumpkin (butternut squash or sweetpotato are good too), red bell pepper, and spring onions into bite sized pieces. Added the cherry tomatoes Alia picked from our garden the other day. Sprinkled with my "pizza mix" that I keep in jar since we make pizza so often. (it's just garlic powder, basil, parsley and oregano) Sprayed with olive oil spray and put into a hot ( 220C - 430F ) oven. Make sure you use some baking paper on the bottom of the baking dish so they don't stick !! I think I baked them about 10/15 minutes ... til tender. Then I served (straight from the oven) on a bed of fresh spinach, topped with crumbled fetta cheese and kalamata olives. FANTASTIC !! LIGHT !! NUTRITIOUS !! DELICIOUS !!

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