Camo Cupcakes


Growing up my birthday cakes involved things like pink flowers, rabbits, and Raggedy Ann...but when making birthday confections for gun toting, sports loving, tree climbing boys pink just isn't going to cut it.  Enter AK's Internet discovery CAMO CUPCAKES!!!  Super easy - super fun! 

You'll need a box of white cake mix, a box of chocolate cake mix, and some green food coloring (preferably dark green rather than neon)

Follow the box instructions and mix up the two cake mixes in separate bowls.  Divide into the following:
1. one bowl with just white
2. one bowl with a little white and a little chocolate
3. one bowl with all chocolate
4. one bowl with some white, a little bit of chocolate, and enough green food coloring to make it a green you like. 

Mix each bowl until the colors are combined and then spoon the batter into ziplocks (I found that quart sized bags were perfect).

Snip the corner of each bag and blop (very technical term!) a bit into lined muffin tins.  The nice thing about camo is it's no set order to blop the batter in.  Just make sure you're being random in your blopping!
Bake cupcakes according to the box directions...and...
   Even Camo on the inside!

The instructions for the camo icing said to do the same thing with chocolate and vanilla icing and green food coloring, putting each color in a separate disposable piping bag and then putting all four bags into one big piping bag.  This did not turn out very well...(if you try it and figure out how to make it NOT look like poop...please tell me what you did!)

 I ended up just writing on the cupcakes with the different colors...turned out ok!
 I wish I would have thought of this though :-)  For the next birthday I made (upon request) vanilla cupcakes with chocolate icing, then topped them each with a green army man and green sprinkles.  FUN!


Bonnie said...

these look like so much fun Pam!! I love your creativity and how much thought you put into making birthdays (and every day) fun for your boys!!

lifeoftheavidbaker said...

The way that frosting came out it looks like toothpaste! haha cute anyways!

Anonymous said...

Those look so great! I also make cakes for boys... hmmm...

Anonymous said...

Also, my guess on your frosting would be that it's too warm?

Pammy said...

The cupcakes were completely cooled because I baked them the day before. The frosting was at room temperature, but maybe it should be fridge temp? If you give it a try and find something that works let me know!! I'm sure I'll do these again...they were sooo fun (and easy!)!!!

crystal poole said...

I did camo frosting before and I spooned in the different colors into one bag and it worked. I used a cream cheese icing. Hope that helps. Oh and the icing does need to be a stiff kind. I tried a creamier icing and its was a fail. :)