What We Ate ~ Week 22 ~ 2012

Sorry, this is a bit late this week !! I was a bit preoccupied with Rory being home for the weekend ! He's gone again. This is his last stint away though, and we couldn't be more excited about it being finished and having him home again !!

So, on Sunday night I used some leftover baked potato soup, cooked chicken that I pulled out of the freezer, a handful of shredded cheese, a couple pieces of pastry and made a pie.  It was runnier than I thought it would be. The runniness didn't keep it from being delicious though.

It was less runny the next night.  
And still delicious.

Calzones ! YUM !  I used some pizza dough I had in the freezer. We each did our own thing. I stuffed mine with winter veg sauce, capers, kalamata olives, bacon, onion, garlic, mozzarella and provolone cheese, shredded.  IT WAS SO TASTY !

Hot Dogs.
Please ignore the shriveled hot dog !  ha ha.  It was grilled.  Not dried out and yucky like it looks in the photo !

What Rory requested his first night home.

From a restaurant.

Calzones again.
They were so yummy, we had to make them for Rory !

This was the last week of the freezer/pantry challenge.  I did ok.  I was left with $122.77 at the end of the week.  Add that to what I've already saved and over the four weeks I saved a total of $729.02.


I'd like to say we are back to normal next week but I dare say that it will be a lot of quick, easy (unhealthy) meals since we are all just trying to keep our heads above water til Rory is home !!

But ... we shall see.

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Pammy said...

Not to shabby indeed!! WOW!!! I'm VERY impressed!! :-)