What We Ate ~ Week 15 ~ 2012



I was sick on Sunday night. Headache and upset stomach.
I tried to stay up but just couldn't. Rory made me some pastina and sent me to bed.
I slept for 12 hours !

with Fresh and Delicious Quinoa

Homemade sushi

Mexican Cous Cous
and Asparagus

Japanese Mince and Rice

Homemade Pizza ... at a friends place. Pictured ... The Funky Lime.

Greek Lamb with Spinach and Orzo (but we couldn't find any Orzo so used Israeli Cous Cous)

And there you have it folks ... another week of What We Ate.

What did you eat ?  I'd love to see !

If you post it to your blog, link in the comments so I can come see !

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