French Toast

Seriously, does life get any better than a plate of french toast ?

I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove french toast ! Always have. It was one of my favorite special breakfasts that my Mom used to cook for us when we were kids.

And it's so easy to make !

You just need eggs, milk, vanilla and bread.

Just beat an egg (or two, depending on how much you are making) Add milk. Mix. Add a bit of vanilla. Mix. There's no real measurements and you can't really go wrong. I probably add a cup or two of milk to each egg.  Mix this in a bowl that is big enough to fit a piece of bread in, flat.

Heat a big skillet or frying pan to a medium heat. Add butter to the pan so your toast doesn't stick. You could use oil but the butter gives it an amazing flavor.

Dip the bread into the egg/milk mixture, one at a time and then add to frying pan. (You want the bread to have the mixture coating both sides well.)

Cook the one side til golden brown, then flip.

Repeat til you have enough to feed everyone you are feeding !

We top with butter, pure maple syrup and powdered (icing) sugar.



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Jo said...

Rather than vanilla, I add a little sugar and cinnamon. Also yum!