What We Ate ~ Week 2 ~ 2012

Asian Chicken Salad

Chicken Curry cooked by my 10 year old (and his Grandma)

Mini Pastry Wrapped Sausages made by my 8 year old, with stir fry veggies

Tempura Battered Fish with green salad (spinach, avocado, tomato, cucumber, red onion, sauteed mushrooms, shredded carrot, olive oil and garlic chive flower vinegar !!  so yum !! )

Pad Thai w/Lumpia

Out to eat. 
I had a marinated chicken salad (it was rocket, goats cheese, pine nuts, red onion and roast pumpkin) and cajun calamari on the side.

~ Garlic ~ Funky Lime ~ Roasted Garlic Chicken ~ Pesto Mushroom ~

I'll post a few recipes this week as a couple of those pizzas are new ones.
Also ... I'm going to try and get the kids to do guest posts on what they cooked !

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