try it on your smart phone ....

Have you tried using the TABLE OF CONTENTS ? If you look just under the header, you will see the following links:

The Table of Contents doesn't seem to work on all computers. I don't know why ... BUT, it seems to work on all smart phones. It's really handy for me as I use my iPhone instead of a printed recipe whenever I can.  So ... why don't you try it ?  See how the Table of Contents works for you and let us know ! 

Also ... if you are searching for a recipe you think you've seen here before but it isn't showing up in the Table of Contents, let me know and I'll fix it ! 

Hope ya'll are having a great day !  It's Wednesday morning, the start of my day off !  Woo Hoo !  Soon I'll take the kids to school and then I'll have 6 hours all to myself !  Yee haw !  

I'm really not a hill billy but I sure sounded like it just then ...


Try out the T. O. C. ! 

Bye, maybe ?

One last thing ... have you seen The Beans Blog is on Facebook ?  Have you "liked" it yet ?

ok ... for real this time ... BYE !

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