My Menu - Bonnie - 29 March 2011


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Only planning a short menu this week ! Will plan again Friday ...

AND ... it's mainly going to be meals with ground beef. You see, I bought 2kg of ground beef for hamburgers (for a large group!) the other night ... but then forgot to take the meat out of the freezer so had to buy more. I have all that beef in the freezer and am going to use it this week !

Burrito Bowl

BBQ Meatballs
with mashed potatoes

Spagh Bol (crock pot)

Baked Potato Soup (crock pot)



PS ... if you are friends with the beans blog on facebook, you would have seen the photo of homemade ravioli .... YUM ! that recipe (among others) coming SOOOON ! it's been a busy few weeks for me so haven't been posting much. hopefully things are slowing down now ....

... if you're NOT friends with the beans blog on facebook, what are you waiting for ??

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andrafaye said...

i love all of those dinner ideas! ground's what's for dinner!