do {you} subscribe ?

two things.

1. i was in google reader today and i noticed that we have hit 100 subscribers to the beans blog ! along with the 25 who follow in blogger ... we have 125 people who subscribe to this blog ! that is INSANE !! i mean ... it's not on par with the pioneer woman who has 62,331 subscribers but close enough ! i just find it hard to believe that there are that many people who like our little old blog enough to subscribe to it ! i wonder ... do you subscribe ? i'd love to know how many of those 125 subscribers actually read each post ? this is a little test ... if you read this, would you just say g'day in the comments ?! that would be cool !

2. today i went to the camera shop to buy a remote for my camera. i got one. a really cool one. i also asked about their photography classes. i got to talking with the guy who runs the classes and at one point mentioned that i love to take photos of food. he asked me for my card. i was like 'what?' he asked again and i said 'i'm not a professional' he asked me if i wanted to be. long story short, i'm sending him some photos of food to see what he thinks ... he told me to think about my hourly rate too ... BIZARRE !!

so ... would you please do me a favor ? i need to pick like 6 - 12 good photos to send to him. if you are reading this and you think ... 'oh, i love that one photo of .......' would you please let me know which one it is ? i'd love a bit of feedback before i make my final choice on which ones to send !

that is all !

thank you

and good night.


andrafaye said...

So I always come and look at new post on the beans blog! And I browsed through a few pages and here are a few of my favorite pics from your posts:
buttermilk ranch,
the roadhouse and
fruit salad for lunches

Sabba and Nanny said...

G'day. I think I subscribe but on one of my email addresses that I rarely check. However, I do check every time I see a new post come up on FB. I also check back occasionally, just to make sure I haven't missed anything. The photo that stands out in my mind right now is the one of masago.

Terri Mac said...

I love reading your blog, you have some amazing recipes and to think, people all around the world read and contribute to this site.
Terri Mc

Terri Mac said...

All your photos are superb. I love the photo you see when you open your blog, Pumpkin Salad, Accidental Potato are just a couple of the recipes and photos I think look and yummy and taste even better.
Terri Mc

Maeve's Momma said...

G'day! And your food photos are really impressive - I'd check around on the web for others' rates to come up with one!

Amy said...

That is awesome!! I subscribe through google reader, Bon. Just in case ya wanna know.

My favorite foodies pic that comes to mind right away is that fabulous fish eggs one... that orange eggies and the white is fabulous!

Shirley said...

Hi I subscribe to your blog through Google Reader, so I read every post. I didn't even realize that you can see how many people subscribe through Google Reader.

At the moment my favourite photo is The Lemon Garlic Shrimp because I'm waiting to try that recipe the next time my son is home! I also like the Christmas Cinnamon Buns photo with the children in the background.

Sarah said...

Hi Bonnie,

I read you through my google your blog!

Anonymous said...


Nancy said...

G'Day from Moyie Springs Idaho. Actually I just subscribed, and I did it all by myself without any help! Ethan would be proud :) I haven't looked at all the pics yet but I have seen some on FB and I like the pic of the orange and lemon cookies that you recently posted. I could almost taste them! And I like the official pic of the beans blog, the asparagus. Yummy! I must now do my homework and look at all the photos. How exciting! (I mean for you Bonnie!) Getting paid for something you love to do! Wow. Later,Nancy

mom2triplets04 said...

G'day. I follow your blog on my google reader. You have some great recipes that I would love to try. Thanks for sharing them

R.G. said...

Hi I subscribe through Google Reader, so I read every post. I love the Salmon Salad Picture and the recipe!

Khrista said...

My fave photos:
Andrea's Lahori CHicken & Potato Curry 11 Oct
Roasted Cauliflower & Broccoli 19 May
and your Funky Lime Pizza photos (both 31 Jan & 15 Apr) make me drool every time!