Accidental Potatoes

So ... the other night I was trying out Salt Crusted Chicken from one of my Jamie magazines. I was supposed to use a casserole dish that was about the same size as the chicken. The one I wanted to use was a bit bigger so I decided to stuff a few whole potatoes around the chicken. So ... you can bake the potatoes however you like but these ones were baked with a kilo of rock salt covering them (and the chicken) ... baked on 200C for an hour and a half.

I had planned to serve the chicken with some sweet potato wedges and avocado/slow roasted tomatoes on toast ... also out of the Jamie magazine. As it turned out though, we ended up having drinks with our neighbors til a bit later than expected so I didn't have the time I thought I'd have to prepare. So ... I took a few short cuts and served the chicken with these potatoes.

2 potatoes

A couple of handfuls of basil leaves

1 lemon

4 avocados

Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper



So ... you throw the basil leaves in the pestle and mortar and smush them up. Squeeze in juice of half the lemon, a couple blubs of olive oil and a bit of salt. Keep going until it's a 'drizzleable' sort of sauce.

Smush up the avocados. Squeeze in juice of the other half of the lemon, salt and pepper. Mix. Add chopped tomatoes.

Cut open the hot baked potatoes and top with the avocado mixture, rocket, feta and the drizzleable pesto ...

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