Menu Plan Monday - Bonnie - 11 October 2010


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I sat down yesterday and planned out a two week menu ! Took forever but at least it's done ! I'm getting ready to shop online now ... scheduling two separate delivery dates ... I'm experimenting with planning this far out ... If it works, I may try a month next time !!

Anyway ... I'm going to write and post this today ... even though it's Menu Plan Monday ... I just hate waiting for the post to go up when I future date it ! Ha ha ... So ... here it is, just a bit early !

Jono's night.
He wants to make egg curry and chutney ...
It's a rainy day today too ... egg curry is perfect rainy day food !!

Alia's night. She wants to make mac and cheese.
We're trying a new recipe out of a vegetarian cookbook I got from the library.
We'll do macaroni cheese with an asparagus and mustard stir fry too !

Rory's night ... aka Burger Night !
We're going to try #26 The Sheboygan

Bean Nachos ... again from the vegetarian cookbook.
And I'll make our homemade salsa !

We're going to try this Thai Salad w/peanut dressing on the recommendation of a friend.
We're also going to try this same friend's satay chicken skewers !

Boneless buffalo wings (although I'm using breast not wings) and boneless garlic parmesan wings (again, breast not wings but you can't really call them boneless buffalo breasts can you now ? ) I'm going to make ranch and serve with veggies.

Andrea's steak cobb salad

Jono's night again
He wants to make Pizza
Looks like we'll make 2 Funky Limes
a Seafood and probably a plain cheese one.


Alia's night again
Chicken Fingers ~ The Quinoa Way
Spicy Potatoes

Rory's Burger Night
We'll try #30 The Macho Nacho

And ... I'll stop there. I'll post the rest on the 18th ... on an actual Monday !! :0
I do also have quiet a few recipes to post. I have a list !! ha.
I just need to stop playing Tetris when I sit down ...
and then I'd get some posts done !
We'll see how I go ...

What's cooking with you all ?? I'd love to know !
Oh ... and if you haven't tried
Andrea's Lahori Chicken & Potato Curry, you need to ... It's AMAZING !


Here's the photo I took of mine ... AND this is on my menu again next week !!! SO GOOD !


Kath said...

Sure looks yummy and good for you for making two weeks worth of menus in one sitting! Two questions: 1)where do you get cheddar cheese curds? and 2)do you make one macho nacho burger and feed the entire neighborhood?!?!? I would like to come for egg curry night and for the mac and cheese...OK?

Bonnie said...

1. I have yet to investigate the cheese curds ... if I can't find them, I've decided to just go with an aged cheddar and crumble it.

2. We haven't tried the macho nacho yet but as with all of these burgers, it looks huge !! Sometimes I can't finish mine !!

You'd better hurry if you want to make it for the egg curry !! That's on tonight ...

PS ... I just updated this post with a photo of Andreas Lahori Chicken Curry and Potatoes. Have you tried that ? You should ! The smell of it alone is enough to make it amazing !

andrafaye said...

Bonnie's back on the beans blog! WAHOO!

Bonnie said...

It's about time, eh Andrea !?