Lemon Mozzarella Chicken

Chicken Brest Fillet , Mozzarella Cheese , Lemon , Onion

I had another pictures of delicious dish in my computer. I named 'Lemon Cheese Chicken '.
It is good for Fall season , I guess . Vitamin C will help your body adjust dropping Temp outside!

Spread Chopped Onions on the pan.

Slice Lemon
The Lemon - it depends on how much you are in to sour Lemon.

Try to cut in half the Chicken Fillet so I became thinner.

Cover lemon top of chicken - well, i put a lot but you can just put two or one slice.

Sprinkle Mozzarella cheese . It is like a Pizza in someway.

It is good questions.
Do you bake this in the oven ? Yes
On what temperature ? It is Chicken but with Mozzarella cheese so I bake until the Cheese turns brown. About 160 C' (with Fan) I donno F' Sorry for North American friends~ !
and how long does it take ? About 20 Mints


Bonnie said...

Hey Grace ... do you bake this in the oven ? On what temperature ? and how long does it take ?

Looks yummy !!! :)

Kath said...

This looks delicious! I love the pictures of the process too! And Grace, it is easy to find the C to F conversions on line, you keep posting in Celsius and we excited North Americans will figure out the Farenheit! Can't wait to make it...