Hello blog authors,

I've added "labels" to the side bar. If you wouldn't mind giving your post a "label" when you do it, I think it will make searching for recipes easier when we have them by the hundreds and thousands !! :) You can give more than one label ... for example, I gave the Artichoke and Cumin dip the labels Artichoke and Dip. Just separate them by a comma. Easy. If you don't know how to label, just let me know !



Ellie said...

Labels are a wonderful thing. Nice blog. I'll be back.

Sabba and Nanny said...

I love this blog. It's great for the cooks among us, which I am not. I am very much blessed by all the cooks among us (as are the makers of my belts and pants!).

Cooking is a field of knowledge of which I am quite ignorant, and so I just sit back, blissful in my ignorance, and marvel at the skills of my wife and daughters (and son, who is quite a good and creative cook) and nieces and friends who are experts in the culinary arts.

Having traveled a few countries in the world and experienced many cuisines, I am constantly amazed at the seemingly infinite variety of tastes and combinations that a wonderful Creator has put into this wonderful world of flavors.

Of course, it also reflects that we are finite creators, out of our made-in-the-image minds thinking up so many marvelous menus.

Enough for now. Love, Dad

P.S. Remember, there's "a rat" in separate!